*These Case Results listed below are amounts net to client.

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Mr. Santos - Injured at a red light

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Stacey - Injured during a get together at someone's home

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Daniel - Wronged by contractor

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Daniel - Problemas con su contratista

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Allie M. - Victim in auto accident

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Manuel J. - Victim in Flash Fire at Work

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Ronald K. - Victim in Auto Accident

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  • Marina destroyed by Hurricane Ike


    The León Law Firm represented a large gulf coast marina that sustained significant damage to its structures and equipment as a result of hurricane Ike. Insurance company responded with undue delay and grossly undervalued the repairs and damages, including business interruption. After our firms involvement the carrier paid what was due under the policy netting the client $582,833.10

  • Bastrop County Fires /
    Residents of Bastrop County


    Represented dozens of homeowners whose properties were destroyed by fire due to the negligence of the local electricity company and its tree trimming contractor.

  • Workplace Electrical Burns


    Professional electrician suffered severe body burns to most of his body and face after flash fire due to faulty equipment.

  • Big Box Store – Slip and Fall


    Client slipped and fell inside men's restroom. Area was wet and slippery due to leaking toilet. No signage was present.

  • Shooting victim at house party


    Client was invited to a barbeque get-together where guests were drinking and shooting firearms. As one of the guest continued drinking he continued to fiddle with the .45 caliber. Client was standing in the yard, talking with other guests in the vicinity when the gun accidentally fired, and the bullet struck client in the right ankle. The bullet had traveled through the bone and bottom of her foot. Injuries included her right ankle, talus fracture, and arterial injury, post-tibial artery.

  • Motor vehicle accident – Head-on collision


    Client was a passenger in a vehicle along with 3 other co-workers. As a result of this head on collision two passengers were killed and our client received severe and traumatic injuries including being in a coma for 15 days, convulsions, cranium inflammation, brain edema, elevated intracranial pressure, cerebral edema, brain damage, collapsed and punctured lung, clavicle fracture and cervical fracture.

  • Work site accident


    Client reported to work as usual and started performing his duties installing wiring in the home under construction. When the incident occurred, the framing of the house was in place, but sheetrock had not yet been installed. Client was walking in the upstairs portion of the house carrying a ladder across a hallway that overlooked the first floor of the home. Client suddenly lost his balance fell from the second story onto the concrete floor below. There was no barrier installed to impede his fall. Furthermore, no safety equipment was provided to client for his work on the construction site. As a result of the fall, Plaintiff suffered several serious bodily injuries.

  • Premises Case


    While walking back to her vehicle in a parking lot, client tripped over a protruding rebar from a concrete stop. Client suffered severe injuries and aggravated the pre-existing conditions which required surgical intervention.

  • Breach of Contract and DTPA


    Clients contracted Pool Company to install pool. After the construction of pool, clients notice a water leak from the pool. Pool Company refused to accept responsibility.

  • Motor vehicle accident


    An unsafe lane change by an 18 Wheeler caused that rig to strike our client resulting in severe injuries that sent our client to the hospital

  • Shooting victim at apartment complex


    Client was walking to his mailbox when he was assaulted. He received a gunshot to his legs. The bullet punctured from his left to right thigh, where it became lodged.

  • Premises Case


    Client was at car repair facility. He was asked by the attendant to go into the work area to view his vehicle when suddenly he slipped and fell into the pit. Injuries included herniated discs, requiring surgical intervention.

  • Motor vehicle accident


    Rear ended by an 18 Wheeler. Client resulting in severe injuries which included disc herniations.

  • Fall from a ladder while painting


    Client fell from a ladder while assisting homeowner paint. Serious head injury.

  • Work site accident


    Concrete finisher was injured on the job by third party cement truck operator. Client was knocked over with boom from cement truck.

  • Denial of Life Insurance Policy


    Client died while performing self-induced erotic asphyxiation. Insurance company denied claim saying it was a suicide. Leon Law Firm was able to establish cause of death was accidental.

  • Wrongful Death


    Concrete plant worker was run over and killed by an onsite contractor. The Leon Law Firm represented the family of the victim.

  • Dog Bite Case


    Child was bitten on the face by the dog while a guest at defendant's home.

  • Head on collision


    Client was serving in the military and was not able to serve again after the accident. Victim suffered internal injuries, and fractures in both legs.

  • Motor vehicle accident


    Client was victim was a victim of a driver running a red light. Suffered severe and grotesque injuries and a brutally broken foot and bodily injuries, plus lost wages.

  • Wrongful Death


    Head on accident killed our clients (two people) after vehicle burst into flames. Driver from the other vehicle had many citations for operating a commercial vehicle without a license. Settlement was split between the families and children of the victims.

  • Motor vehicle accident


    Intersection collision resulted in severe injuries to our client, including herniated discs and broken bones.

  • MVA


    As client approached the intersection, another driver, driving a company vehicle, failed to yield the right of way and crossed into our client's path as he was attempting to turn resulting in the vehicles colliding. There was no time for our client to take any evasive maneuvers to avoid the collision. The collision caused our client to suffer serious injuries.

  • Work site accident


    Plaintiff was hired as an iron worker assisting in the steel erection phase at the construction of a major big box store. While installing the steel joists, a girder fell on top of him while he worked from a boom lift. The girder violently struck Plaintiff on his head and left side of his body. As a result, Plaintiff suffered several serious incapacitating injuries.

  • Breach of Contract and DTPA


    Clients contracted a local Pool Company to design and install a high end pool. After the construction of pool, clients began to notice major water leakage from the pool. Engineering test concluded that pool was poorly and negligently designed and installed. Pool Company refused to accept responsibility. Suit was filed under the TxDTPA and Breach of Contract.

  • Work Site Accident


    The incident occurred at a residential construction site. Client was a laborer hired to work on the installation of the AC units. While the Client was completing his work attempted to get down from the attic. However, the attic access ladder had been negligently installed by another sub-contractor, consequently Client fell to the ground. As a result, Client suffered several serious and incapacitating injuries.

  • Work Site Accident – Brain Injury


    The accident happened in a residential construction site. Our client's husband's job was that of a "framer". In other words, he was involved in erecting the edifice's framework. On the day of the accident, our client's husband reported to work as usual and started performing his framing duties on one of the units. Walls or doors had not yet been installed. Our client's husband was climbing up a stairway to the third floor of the structure when the stairway suddenly collapsed. Our client's husband fell and ultimately landed head-first on the concrete floor below. As a result of the fall, he suffered several serious disabling injuries.

  • Roadside Auto-Pedestrian Collision - Fatality


    This lawsuit stemmed from fatal injuries suffered by our client's adult son in a roadside auto-pedestrian collision. Decedent was working with other members of a work crew on the esplanade off the side of the highway cutting the grass in that area.

    The other driver was operating a large freightliner negligently drove truck off of the road at a high rate of speed and veered into the esplanade where client's son was working and struck him.

    The force of the impact was devastating and client's son was pronounced dead upon the arrival of the first responders.

  • Roadside Auto-Pedestrian Collision - Fatality


    This lawsuit stemmed from fatal injuries suffered by our client's husband in a roadside auto-pedestrian collision. Decedent was working with other members of a work crew on the south side of the highway, when the driver operating a large tanker truck negligently drove truck off of the road at a high rate of speed. As he drove off of the highway, he struck Decedent and another member of the work crew. The force of the impact was devastating and resulted in Decedent's death.

  • Work Site Accident – Incapacitating Injury


    Client was injured at a Corpus Christi refinery plant owned and operated by Defendant. Client was hired as foreman to perform work at the refinery. While returning to his staging facility at the plant by use of an ATV. Client was seated in the back on the passenger side of the vehicle. As the ATV approached the warehouse entrance, the tires hit an uneven and unkept portion of the pavement that caused the vehicle to flip on its side. Client was thrown from the vehicle and the ATV landed on his leg. As a result, Plaintiff suffered several serious incapacitating injuries requiring numerous surgeries.

  • 18 Wheeler - MVA - Arm Amputation


    The collision occurred in El Paso County, Texas. At the time of the collision, Client was traveling as a passenger in the tractor-trailer driven by Defendant’s driver while in the course and scope of employment with Defendant. The driver of the tractor-trailer while traveling on a curvy mountain road failed to control his speed causing the rig to flip on its side. When the vehicle fell to the right side, the tractor-trailer fell onto the guardrail and travelled some distance on the guardrail before coming to an eventual stop. The collision caused Plaintiff to suffer traumatic injuries that included the amputation of her arm.

  • Work Site Accident


    This incident happened at a commercial construction site. At that time, the property was controlled by Defendant. Defendant was in the process of building a hotel on the property. Client was one of the employees working on Defendant’s jobsite fora subcontractor. In the process of performing his task, Client was raised in a man lift to complete a job on the exterior of the building. The lift basket was unstable throughout the process as they were being lifted, which resulted I the basket falling to the ground along with Client. As a result of the fall, Client suffered several serious bodily injuries.

  • 18 Wheeler - MVA - Back Surgery


    Client was travelling on the Grand Parkway Toll Road in Fort Bend County, Texas when the collision occurred. As Defendant and Client were travelling along Grand Parkway Toll Road, Defendant changed lanes into the right hand lane where Clientwas travelling. When Defendant made an unsafe lane change, the front passenger side of his tractor-trailer rig struck the back driver’s side of Cleint’s vehicle. The force of the collision caused Plaintiff’s vehicle to spin to its side in front of Defendant’s vehicle which collided with Client again. Client suffered serious injuries as a result.

  • Work Site Accident - Fatality


    Client’s widow and children brought for damages against multiple Defendants stemming from a fatal pedestrian incident on the premises of a cement plant. Client was run over by another truck carrying cement materials as he backed up on the plant grounds. Client was taken to a nearby hospital, but eventually died as a direct consequence of the injuries he sustained when he was run over by Defendant’s employee.

  • Work Site Accident - Toe Amputation


    Client brought this cause of action to recover bodily-injury damages he suffered while working in one of Defendant’s warehouse building due to the negligence of another one of Defendant’s employee. Client alleged that the accepted work practices that allowed for heavy machinery to move throughout the warehouse exposed Client to an unreasonable risk of suffering serious harm. As a result of the unsafe practices, Client’s foot was run over by a forklift. This resulted in one of his toes being amputated.

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