West Houston Watson Grinding and Manufacturing Explosion

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Were you or your family injured or your property was damaged as a result of the west Houston explosion at Watson Grinding and Manufacturing? If so, call The León Law Firm immediately at 281-980-4529. The León Law Firm has the experience, knowledge and expertise to help you get the medical attention, restore your property and get you compensated for your damages as a result of the West Houston explosion at Watson Grinding and Manufacturing. Picture of West Houston explosion at Watson Grinding and Manufacturing

For 25 years we have successfully represented victims of negligence and recovered tens of millions of dollars for their injuries, damages and pain and suffering. In this case, time is of the essence. Investigations are underway and you want to take action immediately to fully recover from this tragic west Houston explosion at Watson Grinding and Manufacturing.

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Hurricane Harvey Wind and Flood Insurance Claims

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The León Law Firm is deeply saddened by the devastation resulting from the wind and flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. We feel for those affected and the last thing that we want is for those with legitimate insurance claims to be short changed by their insurance company. If you or a loved one has sustained damage or business losses due to Hurricane Harvey, please do not hesitate to give us a call immediately for a complimentary consultation. If we determine that you have a valid claim, The León Law Firm can represent you in your Hurricane Harvey claim at no cost to you. If we do not win, we do not get paid. Insurance companies know the game and will do their best to pay out the least amount possible on your claim. Do not let your Hurricane Harvey claim get denied or underpaid. Get the money you deserve to recover the damages caused by Hurricane Harvey. Call us today. Below is a list of the types of cases that we can represent. Every single case is unique, so call us today for a complimentary evaluation of your Hurricane Harvey claim at 281-980-4529.

Windstorm Damage:the exterior of a flooded home in Texas

  • For individual residences and businesses:
    • Denials and underpaid claims
    • External property damage (roofs, siding, fences, porches)
    • Resulting interior damage (walls, flooring, cabinets, electrical, mechanical)
    • Contents (any personal property)
    • Additional living expenses (hotel/rental home for restoration period)
    • Business interruption (replacement revenue lost by time closed due to damage and time closed for reasonable repairs)

Hybrid Wind/Flood claims resulting in total loss of structure:

  • Will be reviewed case-by-case.
  • If structure is gone, will need to determine if wind/hail caused the damage, with a preference to wind being the culprit.

Flood Damage (must have flood insurance):

  • Harvey-related flood/storm surge for residences and businesses:
    • Denials and underpaid flood insurance cases only
    • External damage to property (does not include pools, pool equipment, or anything below the ground)
    • Internal property damage
    • Personal property (subject to standard $100,000 limit)
    • Business interruption (if included in their policy)

Reservoir-related flooding (Inverse Condemnation)picture of the flooded front yards of two homes in Texas

  • Accepting those with and without flood insurance
  • Must not have flooded before
  • Interior/exterior/loss of use/business interruption
  • Not going to be placed in a class action lawsuit

Call us today for a complimentary evaluation of your Hurricane Harvey insurance claim at 281-980-4529.