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  • Why you need an auto accident attorney

    You see us on TV, hear us on the radio, you see billboards and many other ads for personal injury attorneys. To most people, these ads don’t mean much. For some people, they get irritated and accuse us of being “ambulance chasers” and “money hungry.” However, for the victims of personal injuries, car accidents and even death, we make an enormous difference in their lives. Nobody wants to ever get ...
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  • Human error or product failure?

    Auto accidents happen every single day. In most cases, human error is to blame. Speeding, not keeping the distance, running stop signs or red lights, failure to yield and many other human errors are responsible for auto accidents that can create serious injuries. Product failure or negligence? However, a sometimes overlooked cause of an accident is product failure or negligence on the part of the ...
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  • Speeding accident injures victim

    Speeding can kill or injure innocent victims Unfortunately, irresponsible and negligent drivers still take on public roads for street racing, and other dangerous activities while putting others in danger. Recently, a couple of vehicles racing in the Cypress area of greater Houston, injured an innocent driver. Two vehicles were racing, when one of them struck the vehicle of an innocent bystander. ...
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  • Another tire blowout fatality

    As the summer heat increases on Texas highways, so does the risk of having an accident due to a tire blowout. According to a 2003 NHTSA report, an estimated 414 fatalities, 10,275 non-fatal injuries, and 78,392 crashes occurred annually due to flat tires or blowouts before tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) were installed in vehicles. The TREAD act mandating use of tire pressure monitoring ...
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  • Memorial Day  opens the summer season

    “It’s summertime!” As we enter Memorial Day Weekend, American, and especially Texans, declare the summer season officially open. As graduations parties and celebrations, wrap up and pools open up and beach houses open up for “the season”, alcohol starts to flow more often and in bigger quantities. As a result, individuals lean towards heavier than normal drinking behavior, leading to more auto ...
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  • Hurricane Harvey wind and flood damage claims

    The León Law Firm is deeply saddened by the devastation resulting from the wind and flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. We feel for those affected and the last thing that we want is for those with legitimate insurance claims to be short changed by their insurance company. If you or a loved one has sustained damage or business losses due to Hurricane Harvey, please do not hesitate to give us a ...
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  • Fiery crash kills 4 people

    Fiery crash kills 4 people Another deadly accident on a Texas highway unfolded on Wednesday June 21 st . The result of the accident: four dead people, all passengers in the same vehicle. The cause: they were hit from behind by a speeding vehicle and the vehicle caught on fire. Another terrible auto accident tragedy for the people of Texas. At this time we do not know the conditions of the ...
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  • Freak accidents can happen anyplace, anytime

    WOW, sometimes, you think it is fake news, but unfortunately, it isn’t. This week a Houston family is mourning the loss of their loved one, who was killed in a freak accident. A flying tire killed him. Yes, a flying tire. This is the kind of accident you think can only happen in an action-packed movie or TV show, but it actually happened in real life. A tire fell off the back of a pickup truck, ...
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  • Highways are full of accidents – Don’t be in one of them

    Highways are full of accidents – Don’t be in one of them Over the last few days, a couple of The León Law Firm’s team members took road trips for a couple of different reasons, but some of the things they saw during the trips made us very concerned. While traveling in the US Interstate highway the scenery was amazing, however, not everything was perfect. Below are some of the of the situations ...
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  • Bike Hit and Run

    Injured or killed in a hit and run! Hit and run accidents are no joking matter. They can land the offender in huge trouble with the law. Plus, they are a cowardly act. Just think about all the ramifications caused by this type accident. Unfortunately, this morning there was a fatal hit and run accident in Houston, Texas. This time, a bicyclist was hit and left for dead at the scene. The driver ...
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  • Drive better during rainy weather

    Drive better during rainy weather In Houston Texas, rainy weather can happen in an instant! It is not uncommon for the weather to change from sunny to stormy and back to sunny in a matter of hours and that could spell trouble for Houston area drivers. Driving in the rain can be very dangerous and can cause injuries in case of an auto accident. In order to stay safe and prevent yourself from ...
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  • Don't be a victim of the next flood or storm

    Don't be a victim of the next flood or storm Flooding can happen anywhere, anytime. Storms can happen anywhere, anytime. With the recent spring and summer storms and floods in many areas of Texas, including Dallas, Houston and most recently Louisiana, the thought of being flooded is no longer a far-fetched idea that happens to others in other parts of the country. Whether you are in a flood zone ...
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  • Your contractor did a terrible job. Now what?

    Every day, hundreds or maybe even thousands of homeowners are wronged by unscrupulous contractors. We used the term "wronged" to be polite, but homeowners really feel differently. In many cases, the normal course of their lives have been altered or ruined because of a contractor's, negligence, incompetence or just plain greed. When we refer to contractors, we include any type of service provider ...
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  • Injuries and deaths caused by distracted driving

    There is a growing deadly epidemic in American society today: distracted driving. Would it shock you to know that every year, over 400,000 people are injured as a result of a moving vehicle accident? And some 37,000+ are not that lucky and die as a result of an auto accident every year? Over 2.5 million people are involved in auto accidents each year in the United States and this number is ...
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  • Spring Break could ruin your life

    As American colleges release their students for the annual "Spring Break", hotspots around the country prepare for the influx of excited, fun seeking college and high school kids. This influx of energy and adrenaline can sometimes turn ugly, or even deadly. According to a study by University of Miami researchers, "Fast Times During Spring Breaks: Are Traffic Fatalities Another Consequence?" , ...
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