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  • Human error or product failure?

    Auto accidents happen every single day. In most cases, human error is to blame. Speeding, not keeping the distance, running stop signs or red lights, failure to yield and many other human errors are responsible for auto accidents that can create serious injuries. Product failure or negligence? However, a sometimes overlooked cause of an accident is product failure or negligence on the part of the ...
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  • Speeding accident injures victim

    Speeding can kill or injure innocent victims Unfortunately, irresponsible and negligent drivers still take on public roads for street racing, and other dangerous activities while putting others in danger. Recently, a couple of vehicles racing in the Cypress area of greater Houston, injured an innocent driver. Two vehicles were racing, when one of them struck the vehicle of an innocent bystander. ...
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  • Fiery crash kills 4 people

    Fiery crash kills 4 people Another deadly accident on a Texas highway unfolded on Wednesday June 21 st . The result of the accident: four dead people, all passengers in the same vehicle. The cause: they were hit from behind by a speeding vehicle and the vehicle caught on fire. Another terrible auto accident tragedy for the people of Texas. At this time we do not know the conditions of the ...
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  • Freak accidents can happen anyplace, anytime

    WOW, sometimes, you think it is fake news, but unfortunately, it isn’t. This week a Houston family is mourning the loss of their loved one, who was killed in a freak accident. A flying tire killed him. Yes, a flying tire. This is the kind of accident you think can only happen in an action-packed movie or TV show, but it actually happened in real life. A tire fell off the back of a pickup truck, ...
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  • Highways are full of accidents – Don’t be in one of them

    Highways are full of accidents – Don’t be in one of them Over the last few days, a couple of The León Law Firm’s team members took road trips for a couple of different reasons, but some of the things they saw during the trips made us very concerned. While traveling in the US Interstate highway the scenery was amazing, however, not everything was perfect. Below are some of the of the situations ...
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  • Drive better during rainy weather

    Drive better during rainy weather In Houston Texas, rainy weather can happen in an instant! It is not uncommon for the weather to change from sunny to stormy and back to sunny in a matter of hours and that could spell trouble for Houston area drivers. Driving in the rain can be very dangerous and can cause injuries in case of an auto accident. In order to stay safe and prevent yourself from ...
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  • Injuries and deaths caused by distracted driving

    There is a growing deadly epidemic in American society today: distracted driving. Would it shock you to know that every year, over 400,000 people are injured as a result of a moving vehicle accident? And some 37,000+ are not that lucky and die as a result of an auto accident every year? Over 2.5 million people are involved in auto accidents each year in the United States and this number is ...
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  • Spring Break could ruin your life

    As American colleges release their students for the annual "Spring Break", hotspots around the country prepare for the influx of excited, fun seeking college and high school kids. This influx of energy and adrenaline can sometimes turn ugly, or even deadly. According to a study by University of Miami researchers, "Fast Times During Spring Breaks: Are Traffic Fatalities Another Consequence?" , ...
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  • Proposed Texas HB 2300 bill could leave accident victims penniless and in terrible health.

    The rights of ordinary citizens in Texas are under attack and could be violated, abused and left for dead if Texas Representative Mike Schofield, (R) of Katy / Cypress gets his way. According to his bio on the state page, Mr. Schofield is currently Senior Counsel at the law firm of Hoover Slovacek LLC, where his practice concentrates on defending Texas businesses from commercial and tort lawsuits. ...
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  • Another BIG rig crash!

    Texas highways are no strangers to fatal 18 wheeler accidents. Unfortunately, hundreds of people are killed or seriously injured in 18 wheeler accidents every year. As a result, families are changed forever. Families are left without husbands, fathers and sons. Families are left without wives, mothers and daughters. And unfortunately, in most cases, families are left without their primary or ...
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  • Save a life, focus on the road

    A vast majority of auto accidents are 100% preventable. Human error is responsible for nearly all auto accidents. These accidents can injure and kill innocent people, including you. Most common accidents fall into one of the following categories: running a stop sign or red light, following too close, losing control due to speed, distractions, influence of substance on driver. So what can you do to ...
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  • Drive carefully around 18-wheelers

    18-wheeler accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone. Recently an 18-wheeler hauling tanks on a flat bed, hit an overpass and one of the tanks fell off the bed. Can you imagine the injuries someone would suffer if a huge metal tank that weighs, hundreds, if not thousands of pounds landed on them? In this particular case, fortunately no one was injured in the 18-wheeler accident. It ...
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  • The sun caused my accident

    The days before and after the spring and fall solstice can be very dangerous when driving east or west during sunrise and sunset respectively. In South Texas, as we are close to the tropic of cancer and as such, the sun will rise and set almost directly east or west of us, increasing the possibility of causing injuries in auto or 18-wheeler accidents. On any clear morning or afternoon, this can be ...
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  • Driving during rain or storms is a serious matter

    Every year, there are an endless number of accidents and fatalities related to rain or storms. Some of the common factors that may lead to an auto accident during a storm are: Poor brakes. If a vehicle's breaks are not in proper working conditions they will be even less effective while driving under wet conditions. Braking distance will be longer. Poor wiper blades. When driving in rain, ...
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  • Dead on the way home

    Every night, thousands of people drive in the streets and highways in your community. People who may be out for a social event, maybe at their kid's late night sporting event. Some people are coming home from work, many in the service industry, or perhaps shiftwork in a factory or industrial environment. Some, maybe just made a quick run to the convenience store or pharmacy. Unfortunately, every ...
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  • Save your own life!

    Every day, there are thousands of accidents caused by irresponsible drivers who run red lights and stop signs. Negligence and irresponsibility can cause serious injuries and even deaths to innocent victims in auto accidents. But it doesn't always not have to end up that way. If you want to go home to your loved ones every day, take a few extra precautions that can save your life, in spite of ...
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  • Tips to stay safe and accident free this holiday season

    Tips to stay safe and accident free this holiday season "'Tis, the season to be jolly" as many would say. And being jolly for many means lots of parties, and celebrations, many of which include alcohol. As a result, individuals lean towards heavier than normal drinking behavior, leading to more auto accident crashes involving alcohol. And because of that, the period between Thanksgiving and New ...
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  • Are you exempt from accidents?

    Accidents happen every day, everywhere, to anyone. A customer walks into the bathroom of a big box store, the toilet has been leaking. The floor is wet. He slips and falls, hurts his back and leg and now has a permanent injury for the rest of his life. A stay at home mom is driving to run some errands. Someone runs a stop sign, crashes into her and puts her in a lot of pain. To make matters worse, ...
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  • Texas Workplace Death Toll Rises

    Texas Workplace Death Toll Rises A recent article in the Texas Tribune reminds us of the grim statistics Texas workers are a part of. In 2014, there were 524 fatal workplace injuries, up from 504 the previous year, making Texas the deadliest workplace state, followed by California with only 334. Here are some of the highlights from this article: In 2014, workplace deaths in Texas 524, California ...
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  • The uncertainty of our lives - a bus accident changes everything

    The uncertainty of our lives - a bus accident changes everything This is not intended to be a negative post. It is intended to remind you how fragile life can be. Yesterday in Houston, Texas, a school bus, carrying several children to Furr High School was hit by another vehicle and was sent shooting off an overpass on Highway 610 and Telephone Road, sending the bus in the air and landing 20 feet ...
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  • The dangers of 18-wheelers

    Recently in the Houston area, there have been several major accidents involving 18-wheelers. Some have overturned; some have run off the roads, some have rear-ended passenger vehicles. Many of these accidents have caused serious injuries or even deaths. We would like to share the top five reasons why you should be careful when driving around 18-wheelers. They are bigger than you. Yes it is obvious ...
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  • The permanent marks of an auto accident

    Recently, eight people were injured in a three vehicle auto accident near Cleveland, Texas. Two passenger vehicles and an 18-wheeler were involved. By the time you read this, hopefully the victim of this auto accident are in stable condition and on their way to a full and speedy recovery. But, can these victims truly fully recover from being injured in an auto accident? The answer is no. Never. ...
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  • My first 20 years helping personal injury victims

    My first 20 years in the law profession Today I just want to send a HUGE thank you to all for the great support we have received at The Leon Law Firm. I have now been practicing law for 20 years! We have successfully tried cases to verdict or settlement totaling tens of millions of dollars for our clients, all with having not one grievance filed against us! It has been an honor to serve so many ...
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  • Drunk driving accidents in Texas continue to rise

    Waking up to the news of two fatalities in a two car, alcohol related accident, is not good news. Two or more families are now changed forever. Two or more families that now have to deal with the injuries and deaths related to a drunk driving accident. Two families that will forever ask "why?" For those of us lucky enough to not have been involved in a situation like this, yes, you are lucky. Late ...
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  • When bars don't have insurance

    When a person gets drunk at a bar and then goes out and injures someone, should the bar that served the drunk driver that caused the accident be held liable? Absolutely, it is very common for establishments to provide beverages in excess of what is permitted by law. Also, in many cases, establishments are found liable for damages. But, unfortunately, many establishments either don't have the ...
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