Proposed Texas HB 2300 bill could leave accident victims penniless and in terrible health.

Proposed Texas HB 2300 bill could leave accident victims penniless and in terrible health.

The rights of ordinary citizens in Texas are under attack and could be violated, abused and left for dead if Texas Representative Mike Schofield, (R) of Katy / Cypress gets his way.

According to his bio on the state page, Mr. Schofield is currently Senior Counsel at the law firm of Hoover Slovacek LLC, where his practice concentrates on defending Texas businesses from commercial and tort lawsuits.

If this is not a conflict of interest and screams of policy created for personal benefit legislation, we don't know what is. According to his fundraising records, his largest contribution has come from Texans for Lawsuit Reform, ( ) an organization well known for being pro-business and allowing individuals and "the little guy" to be left for dead.


Under current law, a victim of an accident can seek quality medical treatment from a licensed medical professional who will usually provide the best care possible, regardless of expense, to insure that the accident victim can recover what they deserve and get back on track to the health they enjoyed before suffering the accident. In most cases, accident victims rarely fully recover. Often, medical facilities provide this care at their own risk and at their own expense, pending resolution with insurance companies that will fight and try to get out of paying for the needed treatments. Like any other profession, medical professionals deserve and expect to be paid a fair value for the services rendered, especially when they have no guarantee of payment or when payments could take months or even years to be received from insurance companies.

According to the bill filed by Mr. Schofield, medical professionals would only be paid rates equivalent to those paid under current health insurance plans. This will not play out well! We already know that medical professionals are increasingly dissatisfied with the negotiated rates by insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid. As a result, more and more medical practices are declining taking these sorts of insurance benefits. Their honorariums are being disrespected. If medical professionals cannot get fair compensation for treating accident victims, which are patients they do not have to accept, then they are very likely to stop treating the injuries caused by negligent parties, knowing that they will be paid pennies on the dollar, if they even get paid at all.

If you are a professional, would you provide your services at a high risk of not getting paid or only paid pennies on the dollar? Thousands of innocent injury victims could become double victims, as it will be difficult to seek treatment from a qualified professional willing to take a steep financial risk while treating them.

This has to be the most self-serving bill filed in the history of the great state of Texas. Filed by an employee of a law firm whose job is to get businesses and insurance companies out the responsibility they owe their employees and customers.

If HB 2300 ( passes, you can likely say good bye to quality medical treatment for innocent victims of auto, work, and any other type of accident caused by a negligent party.

Regardless of party affiliation, ask yourself, if you were injured by the negligence of a third party, would you want to receive quality medical care or no care at all?

Call your Texas representative today and tell him or her that you want them to protect your rights and VOTE NO on HB 2300. To find your representative, go to

For 22 years, The León Law Firm has passionately fought for the rights of innocent accident victims who have been injured due to the negligence of a responsible third party. We urge you to call your representative and make your voice heard.

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