Freak accidents can happen anyplace, anytime

Freak accidents can happen anyplace, anytime

WOW, sometimes, you think it is fake news, but unfortunately, it isn’t. This week a Houston family is mourning the loss of their loved one, who was killed in a freak accident. A flying tire killed him. Yes, a flying tire. This is the kind of accident you think can only happen in an action-packed movie or TV show, but it actually happened in real life.

A tire fell off the back of a pickup truck, bounced and landed on the driver side of the windshield as Adbias Leyva was just driving along I-45. It is surreal to tell this story.

See the story here from KHOU 11 News:

Although the driver of the pickup that was carrying the tire will not be charged with manslaughter, there are civil liabilities when someone is injured or even killed by a negligent third party.

How does this apply to you?

Although we don’t know all the details about this accident, we can certainly ask certain key questions that will determine who may be liable in this case:

  • Who loaded the tires on the back of the truck?
  • How were they packed?
  • Where they secured?
  • What was used to secure them?
  • Was the material that secured the tires faulty or break? At what speed was the vehicle moving?

There are so many questions to be answered in a case like this that only an experienced investigator and law firm can ask and find the answers necessary to litigate a claim. Only a thorough and dedicated investigation into the accident can yield the best possible result for the injured victim of this freak accident like this.

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If you or a loved one has been killed or injured in an auto accident, or even an accident involving an 18-wheeler, you have rights. And those rights need to be protected and defended. It is important that the victims of 18-wheeler and auto accidents have the best available resources to them to make sure that they are represented by an experienced personal injury attorney that can represent them to receive the maximum amount of compensation possible for their accident injuries and/or loss of life.

At The Leon Law Firm, our job is to get to the bottom of the facts and hold those responsible for your injuries accountable for their wrongdoings.

Contact The Leon Law Firm immediately for a confidential and complimentary case evaluation. If we take on your case, you do not have to pay us a single penny unless we win for you. Over the last 20 years, we have helped hundreds of accident victims get compensated for their accident injuries and we may be able to help you too.

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