The sun caused my accident

The sun caused my accident

The days before and after the spring and fall solstice can be very dangerous when driving east or west during sunrise and sunset respectively.

In South Texas, as we are close to the tropic of cancer and as such, the sun will rise and set almost directly east or west of us, increasing the possibility of causing injuries in auto or 18-wheeler accidents. On any clear morning or afternoon, this can be a huge hazard for drivers. Not only are we affected by the distraction of the sun hitting us straight on as we drive, but we are also subject to the hurry of rush hour traffic. These two circumstances can be a deadly combination.

Below are a few precautions you can take when driving around sunrise and sunset around March 21 and September 21 to prevent causing injuries in an auto accident.

  1. Avoid driving straight east and west during those time if at all possible.
  2. Keep your distance. Do not follow too closely as the vehicle in front of you may also be blinded by the sun and have unexpected behavior.
  3. Drive slower than normal. Traveling at a lower speed can reduce the possibility of injuries in an auto accident.
  4. Use sunglasses. They can greatly improve your visibility and control of the vehicle.
  5. Be more aware of other's driving behavior. Make it a point to be more in tune with how others are driving as they may not have sunglasses, a visor or may be distracted by the sun.

In the unfortunate case that your or a loved one is involved in an auto accident, do not hesitate to call The Leon Law Firm immediately. It is extremely important for victims of an injury or fatal auto accident to seek immediate medical help and immediately contact an experienced personal injury attorney. Waiting even an hour, could reduce the chance of collecting evidence that could make all the difference in the case.

An experienced personal injury attorney knows the law, has the resources and manpower to conduct a full investigation, and most importantly will fight for the victim to get them the maximum compensation possible.

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