Blog Posts in 2016

  • Fighting for you in court

    When you have suffered an injury due to the negligence or responsibility of a third party, you need help. You might have been injured in a car accident because someone ran a red light or a stop sign and hit you. Maybe someone rear-ended you. Maybe a drunk driver veered off and hit your car. Or maybe, you were hit by an 18-wheeler and suffered serious injuries. Maybe you were at work and you got ...
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  • Drive carefully around 18-wheelers

    18-wheeler accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone. Recently an 18-wheeler hauling tanks on a flat bed, hit an overpass and one of the tanks fell off the bed. Can you imagine the injuries someone would suffer if a huge metal tank that weighs, hundreds, if not thousands of pounds landed on them? In this particular case, fortunately no one was injured in the 18-wheeler accident. It ...
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  • The sun caused my accident

    The days before and after the spring and fall solstice can be very dangerous when driving east or west during sunrise and sunset respectively. In South Texas, as we are close to the tropic of cancer and as such, the sun will rise and set almost directly east or west of us, increasing the possibility of causing injuries in auto or 18-wheeler accidents. On any clear morning or afternoon, this can be ...
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  • Driving during rain or storms is a serious matter

    Every year, there are an endless number of accidents and fatalities related to rain or storms. Some of the common factors that may lead to an auto accident during a storm are: Poor brakes. If a vehicle's breaks are not in proper working conditions they will be even less effective while driving under wet conditions. Braking distance will be longer. Poor wiper blades. When driving in rain, ...
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  • Dead on the way home

    Every night, thousands of people drive in the streets and highways in your community. People who may be out for a social event, maybe at their kid's late night sporting event. Some people are coming home from work, many in the service industry, or perhaps shiftwork in a factory or industrial environment. Some, maybe just made a quick run to the convenience store or pharmacy. Unfortunately, every ...
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  • Insurance claim frustration leads to uncommon tactics

    Insurance claim frustration leads to uncommon tactics When you buy property and casualty insurance, you expect them to be there if and when you need their help. And their help means paying out the fair and due amount of a legitimate claim. But that is not always the case. Not always will you be in good hands, nor will they be there like a good neighbor. And most definitely, they will try to pay ...
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  • Save your own life!

    Every day, there are thousands of accidents caused by irresponsible drivers who run red lights and stop signs. Negligence and irresponsibility can cause serious injuries and even deaths to innocent victims in auto accidents. But it doesn't always not have to end up that way. If you want to go home to your loved ones every day, take a few extra precautions that can save your life, in spite of ...
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  • Working on a scaffold - an accident waiting to happen

    Working on a scaffold – an accident waiting to happen Looking out the window of a Starbucks coffee, we saw something that makes our blood boil. A hard working man, exposing himself to possible injuries due to the negligence of his employer. See the picture. The hard working masonry employee was standing on top of an unsecured five gallon paint container, on top of a wooden surface on a scaffold. ...
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