Drunk driving accidents in Texas continue to rise

Drunk driving accidents in Texas continue to rise

Waking up to the news of two fatalities in a two car, alcohol related accident, is not good news. Two or more families are now changed forever. Two or more families that now have to deal with the injuries and deaths related to a drunk driving accident. Two families that will forever ask "why?"

For those of us lucky enough to not have been involved in a situation like this, yes, you are lucky.

Late night and overnight driving is proven to be more dangerous. Consider these facts:

In Texas in 2013, these are the statistics for fatal accidents that happened between 10pm and 4am.

303 fatal crashes in rural areas, representing 59.53% of the total fatal crashes in rural areas.

330 fatal crashes in urban areas, representing 71.12% of the total fatal crashes in urban areas.

Just from looking at the general numbers it is easy to draw a couple of general conclusions:

In rural areas, dark roads and alcohol can lead to accidents. In urban areas, of course dark roads and alcohol, but even more, the specific time of 2am-2:59am accounted for 82 fatal crashes or 17.67% of the total fatal crashes in urban areas. This can easily be pointed out to the fact that all bars in Texas stop serving alcohol, and most close, at 2am. Logically, patron who have been out that late tend to be more intoxicated and never make it home.

So we have two general recommendations when driving between 10pm and 2am:

First, if at all possible, stay off the roads between 10pm and 4am. Unless you have a good reason for being on the road, don't. If it can wait until the next day, do so.

Second, if you are driving between 2 and 3am, especially in an urban area, please be extra, extra, super careful. It's not you, it who else can be on the roads.

Finally, If you have been drinking, DON"T DRIVE! It could ruin your life and the lives of others unnecessarily.

In the unfortunate case that your or a loved one is involved in a fatal auto accident, do not hesitate to call The Leon Law Firm immediately. It is extremely important for victims of an injury or fatal auto accident to seek immediate medical help and immediately contact an experienced personal injury attorney. Waiting even an hour, could reduce the chance of collecting evidence that could make all the difference in the case.

An experienced personal injury attorney knows the law, has the resources and manpower to conduct a full investigation, and most importantly will fight for the victim to get them the maximum compensation possible.

At The León Law Firm in Sugarland Texas, we have 20 years of experience in handling personal injury cases such as auto accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, explosions, burns, loss of limbs, deaths, medical malpractice and more. Over the years, we have tried and settled hundreds of cases on behalf of personal injury victims. Our clients have been awarded millions of dollars collectively. If you or a loved one has been the victim of such accident, call us immediately for a complimentary case evaluation. If we agree to represent you in your case, you will not pay a dime unless we win a settlement on your behalf. Call us today, at 281-980-4529. We look forward to protecting the rights of you and your family.


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