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  • Tips to stay safe and accident free this holiday season

    Tips to stay safe and accident free this holiday season "'Tis, the season to be jolly" as many would say. And being jolly for many means lots of parties, and celebrations, many of which include alcohol. As a result, individuals lean towards heavier than normal drinking behavior, leading to more auto accident crashes involving alcohol. And because of that, the period between Thanksgiving and New ...
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  • Are you exempt from accidents?

    Accidents happen every day, everywhere, to anyone. A customer walks into the bathroom of a big box store, the toilet has been leaking. The floor is wet. He slips and falls, hurts his back and leg and now has a permanent injury for the rest of his life. A stay at home mom is driving to run some errands. Someone runs a stop sign, crashes into her and puts her in a lot of pain. To make matters worse, ...
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  • Texas Workplace Death Toll Rises

    Texas Workplace Death Toll Rises A recent article in the Texas Tribune reminds us of the grim statistics Texas workers are a part of. In 2014, there were 524 fatal workplace injuries, up from 504 the previous year, making Texas the deadliest workplace state, followed by California with only 334. Here are some of the highlights from this article: In 2014, workplace deaths in Texas 524, California ...
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  • The uncertainty of our lives - a bus accident changes everything

    The uncertainty of our lives - a bus accident changes everything This is not intended to be a negative post. It is intended to remind you how fragile life can be. Yesterday in Houston, Texas, a school bus, carrying several children to Furr High School was hit by another vehicle and was sent shooting off an overpass on Highway 610 and Telephone Road, sending the bus in the air and landing 20 feet ...
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  • The dangers of 18-wheelers

    Recently in the Houston area, there have been several major accidents involving 18-wheelers. Some have overturned; some have run off the roads, some have rear-ended passenger vehicles. Many of these accidents have caused serious injuries or even deaths. We would like to share the top five reasons why you should be careful when driving around 18-wheelers. They are bigger than you. Yes it is obvious ...
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  • Homeowner's insurance remains protected in Texas

    Homeowner's insurance remains protected in Texas In the 2015 Texas Legislature, SB1628 was introduced to basically give more power to insurance companies to deny claims and avoid lawsuits from their insured customers after storms. The bill, if passed, "would require homeowners to provide advance notice and show proof of damages before filing a lawsuit alleging unfair treatment or insufficient ...
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  • The permanent marks of an auto accident

    Recently, eight people were injured in a three vehicle auto accident near Cleveland, Texas. Two passenger vehicles and an 18-wheeler were involved. By the time you read this, hopefully the victim of this auto accident are in stable condition and on their way to a full and speedy recovery. But, can these victims truly fully recover from being injured in an auto accident? The answer is no. Never. ...
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  • My first 20 years helping personal injury victims

    My first 20 years in the law profession Today I just want to send a HUGE thank you to all for the great support we have received at The Leon Law Firm. I have now been practicing law for 20 years! We have successfully tried cases to verdict or settlement totaling tens of millions of dollars for our clients, all with having not one grievance filed against us! It has been an honor to serve so many ...
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  • Drunk driving accidents in Texas continue to rise

    Waking up to the news of two fatalities in a two car, alcohol related accident, is not good news. Two or more families are now changed forever. Two or more families that now have to deal with the injuries and deaths related to a drunk driving accident. Two families that will forever ask "why?" For those of us lucky enough to not have been involved in a situation like this, yes, you are lucky. Late ...
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  • When bars don't have insurance

    When a person gets drunk at a bar and then goes out and injures someone, should the bar that served the drunk driver that caused the accident be held liable? Absolutely, it is very common for establishments to provide beverages in excess of what is permitted by law. Also, in many cases, establishments are found liable for damages. But, unfortunately, many establishments either don't have the ...
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  • Accident with 18-wheeler - Insurance policy minimums must increase

    Accident with 18-wheeler – Insurance policy minimums must increase We need your help to protect yourself and the people you love in case you ever get in accident with an 18-wheeler. Trucking insurance limits have not been increased since 1980. When truck collision victims are catastrophically injured or killed, there simply is not enough money to replace wages or pay for medical care. Not only is ...
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  • What to Do If You Are Involved In An Auto Accident

    Unfortunately, auto accidents happen every day. Sometimes auto accidents are caused by reckless driving. Sometimes they are caused by careless driving and sometimes it may even be faulty equipment that causes injuries in auto accidents. Regardless of the cause of the accident, an auto accident can happen to anyone at any time. Although accidents can be a frightening and emotional event, try to ...
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  • Winter Driving Safety Tips to Prevent Auto accidents

    Winter Driving Safety Tips to Prevent Auto accidents As we officially roll into the coldest months of the year, there is always the possibility of having a few freezing days in the southern half of the state of Texas. Icy rain, sleet and even snow, can be major factors contributing to injuries in auto accidents. Since we cannot predict when and where the next storms will hit Texas, we would like ...
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