The realities of 18-wheeler accidents

The realities of 18-wheeler accidents

The realities of 18-wheeler accidents

long time ago, I saw a bumper sticker on the trailer of an 18-wheeler that stated: "Without trucks, America stops." I couldn't agree more. Ground transportation is vital to the American economy to transport goods from one place to another. Both perishable and non-perishable goods come to us thanks to the trucking industry. From food to furniture and gasoline to musical instruments, everything physical moves to the end consumer via trucks of one kind or another.

With this great responsibility of delivering goods to consumers, also comes the responsibility of trucking companies and drivers to do so in the safest possible manner. Safety comes in many ways. 1) Properly strapping and securing cargo into or on the trailers. 2) Properly inspecting and maintaining the vehicles. 3) Properly following all traffic rules and procedures for heavy vehicles. 4) Drivers getting the proper rest and nutrition to help them perform to the best of their ability.

Every day, there are tens of thousands of trucks moving through Texas roads. A Houston Chronicle study of the Texas Department of Public Safety program "Road Check" found that as many as 30 percent of the trucks on the road should not be operating at all because of life threatening possibilities created by unqualified, unfit or intoxicated drivers, defective breaks, bald tires, inoperable safety lights and other threats to other vehicles on the roads.

In 2012, Texas had 568 traffic fatalities from wrecks involving large trucks - those weighing more than 10,000 pounds, up from 400 in 2010.

The three basic factors that contribute to a crash are the driver, speed and distractions. According to an independent nonprofit that studies ways to make roads safer, The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a loaded semitrailer can take 20 percent to 40 percent farther to stop than a car. The distance can be even longer when traveling on wet roads or with brakes with poor maintenance.

According to the institute, about 1 in 10 highway deaths occur in a crash involving a large truck. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving an 18-wheeler, you have rights. And those rights need to be protected and defended. It is important that the victims of 18-wheeler and auto accidents have the best available resources to them to make sure that they are represented by an experienced personal injury attorney that can represent them to receive the maximum amount of compensation possible for their accident injuries and / or loss of life. At The Leon Law Firm, our job is to get to the bottom of the facts and hold those responsible for your injuries accountable for their wrongdoings.

Contact The Leon Law Firm immediately for a confidential and complimentary case evaluation. If we take on your case, you do not have to pay us a single penny unless we win for you. Over the last 20 years, we have helped hundreds of accident victims get compensated for their accident injuries and we may be able to help you too. Give us a call today 281-980-4529.


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