You Know You're a Houstonian When...

You Know You're a Houstonian When...

We at the Leon Law Firm are proud to serve the Houston community. In fact, most of us here at the firm are native Houstonians. We came across an article in the Houston Chronicle by Dwight Silverman where Houstonians tweeted about how you know you're a Houstonian. Here are some good ones:

You know you are a Houstonian when…

  1. You know 1960 isn't a year, Spring isn't a season and Katy isn't a lady.
  2. You laugh at Northerners who say 90 degrees is too hot.
  3. You enjoy the four Houston seasons: Almost Summer, Summer, Still Summer, and Christmas.
  4. You know Reliant, Toyota and Minute Maid aren't just companies. They're home to some really awesome teams.
  5. You know who coined the phrase "Slime in the ice machine!"
  6. You remember going to the Astrodome, Astroworld and the Summit.
  7. You know Killer B's aren't dangerous insects and Clutch City isn't an auto parts store.
  8. The mention of the juice box makes you think of baseball.
  9. You need air conditioning in every season of the year, even winter.
  10. You pronounce Kuykendahl with no hard U.
  11. When queso can make or break a restaurant.
  12. When it takes an hour to travel a distance that should take 15 minutes.
  13. You can't get Marvin Zindler's booming voice out of your head. Same with Mattress Mac. RIP, Marvin!
  14. You get excited about rain during the summertime.
  15. You argue against why they shouldn't tear the AstroDome down. Too many memories.
  16. When it rains three drops and a bayou ends up in your back yard.
  17. You're annoyed there's no freeway to get where you're going.
  18. You call it a feeder, not an access road.
  19. You know better than to go to The Galleria between the hours of 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. on a weekday.
  20. You know the exact minute to leave work to beat traffic.
  21. You agree with everything on this list!

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