Do Your Homework

Do Your Homework

I want to bring your attention to this story.

Fire suspect had prior arson case | Houston & Texas News | - Houston Chronicle

This story highlights the importance of making sure our children's daycare providers are properly qualified. Unfortunately, this story illustrates how inadequate qualifications can end in tragic death. I urge all parents who utilize child care, to do their homework on the provider and the facility where their little ones spend time. One resource is the DFPS ( ) This site will allow you to confirm licensing and facility background information.

I send my condolences to the families that became tragic victims of this very avoidable incident. Rest assured these families have a right to recourse for their loss. The Leon Law Firm

( has a history of handling negligent day care cases. If you find yourself a victim of this sort of tragedy, feel free to contact our office for a free consultation. 281-980-4529


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