Blog Posts in June, 2011

  • HOT Coffee

    “Hot Coffee” premiered on June 27 th on HBO. The documentary examines the dangers of “tort reform”. This is an in-depth look into how and why tort reform is a threat to our civil justice system. Do YOU know what tort reform is? OR how it works? Hot Coffee is a must see for every American. Chances are unless you have been involved in a court case; you don’t know what limitations it places on you. ...
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  • Just A Reminder

    The Leon Law Firm www.theleonlawfirm.com thanks State Farm for the following "TIPS" on what to do following an accident. http://www.theleonlawfirm.com/Personal-Injury/Car-Accidents.aspx We have handled countless cases and we can help you with yours! Be prepared Have a set of cones, warning triangles, or emergency flares in your trunk to help alert traffic It also helps to have a pen and a card ...
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  • The Boys are Back to Business

    TLC Parentables pointed us to the story of Hunter and Carter, lifelong best friends who were eating gummy worms when Carter "was wiggling around" and fell off his chair. The boys were alone in the room, so Hunter immediately began performing the Heimlich Maneuver. "On the fourth time it was starting to come out," Hunter told Fox 23, "so I did it really hard on the last time and it came out." "And ...
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  • The Report Says

    For the latest report and findings from the Gulf Coast Oil Spill, read the link below. http://www.cnn.com/2011/US/06/22/gulf.oil.spill/index.html The incident killed eleven people and forever changed the Gulf of Mexico. The Leon Law Firm can help you and your family if you are involved in a work related accident. Please call 281-980-4529 for a free consultation.
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  • Retread to Blame

    http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ap/nation/7620105.html You may remember the bus crash in 2008 that killed 17 people on their way to a religious retreat, well 11 defendants have agreed to out of court settlements as detailed in the article link above. If you are involved in any kind of motor vehicle accident, Let Carlos Leon and The Leon Law Firm help get you the justice you deserve. Call 281-9 ...
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  • Happy Father's Day

    Often we go through life in a hurry worried about what we will do tomorrow, next week or even next year. Many of us get lost in the day to day grind of work, raising kids, and trying to achieve our self imposed "goals in life". No doubt I have been guilty of all of this. Few of us ever stop to appreciate how we arrived at our current spot in life. However, this father's day weekend I plan to take ...
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  • Overloaded?

    http://www.kfor.com/news/local/kfor-man-in-hospital-after-trapped-under-semi-20110613,0,2543212.story?hpt=us_bn5 A ODOT employee was pinned underneath a semi truck while on a work site. The rig flipped, trapping Inspector Terry Club at the waist. Club later died due to his injuries despite being alert and communicating with emergency personnel during the ordeal. The Leon Law Firm's ...
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  • Work Place WOES

    http://www.myfoxhouston.com/dpp/news/local/110615-pipe-yard-fire-in-east-houston A pipe yard fire in East Houston today reminds us that "accidents happen". It is when these type of incidents occur that we can ask IF they were an "accident", if they were avoidable and who is to blame. If you have questions about something that happened at your place of work, Call the Leon Law Firm ...
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  • Big Props

    Everything is bigger in Texas - and that has never been more evident as yesterday when the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers both selected players in the draft that were partially paralyzed and may never play baseball again. You can read more about the players, Johnathan Taylor and Buddy Lamothe in the link below. ...
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  • Sharing the Road

    http://ultimatefortbend.com/stories/248281-fuel-truck-driver-killed-in-u-s-59-crash-in-sugar-land The tragic accident at HWY 99 and 59 in Sugar Land yesterday remind us that the 18 wheelers we share the road with are potentially dangerous. Statistics released by the U.S. Department of Transportation point out how serious the consequences are when 18 wheelers are involved in truck accidents : 86% ...
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  • Miss the MESS

    http://ultimatespringtx.com/stories/248152-spring-woman-claims-soap-caused-fall-in-crafts-store As demonstrated in the article above, stores with janitorial crews still sometimes "miss the mess'. The Leon Law Firm www.theleonlawfirm.com has represented several clients who have had the misfortune of going shopping and leaving the store with more than just the merchandise they went in to purchase. ...
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  • Lax Security Problem for Apartment Complex

    http://ultimatealief.com/stories/247691-katy-family-blames-lax-security-for-murder-in-alief Read the article above to find out about a deadly outcome at a nearby apartment complex. The Leon Law Firm www.theleonlawfirm.com has handled several such premises cases and can help you or your family if you find yourself in a similar situation. ...
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  • The Heat is On

    http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metropolitan/7592971.html The Leon Law Firm www.theleonlawfirm.com suggests you heed the warnings of the city's weather forecasters as it has never been this hot in Houston THIS soon. Have a great weekend and Stay Cool!
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  • Are You Ready ?

    Today marks the beginning of hurricane season and according to this article from the Houston Chronicle, The Gulf remains as vulnerable as ever. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metropolitan/7589528.html The Leon Law Firm www.theleonlawfirm.com suggests you prepare for the season that lasts from June 1st to November 30th. The US government forecasters are expecting three to six major hurricanes. ...
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