Going to Court?

Going to Court?

The very nature of some jobs puts the health of the people who do them in jeopardy on a routine basis. And when serious on-the-job accidents occur, catastrophic and fatal personal injuries can be the result. The sad fact is that many of these accidents could have been prevented if only the proper training, tools, and required safeguards had been provided or put in place.

The León Law Firm, P.C. is here to protect you and the rights of your family wherever employers have not. We represent a wide range of people-construction workers, machinists, printing press operators, refinery workers and others throughout the community. We provide efficient and effective legal services designed to get them the financial compensation they need to recover.

Many of these injuries are catastrophic in nature and include the amputations of hands, fingers, or toes, as well as brain and spinal cord damage resulting from serious falls, or a severe burn injury resulting from a refinery explosion, electrocution, or chemical exposure. As such, the need for adequate financial remedies is even greater. Unfortunately, workers' compensation does not always come close to meeting the needs our clients will have.

For an example of a recent work place incident, read the story in the link below. And remember that if you are involved in the same situation to call The Leon Law Firm, P.C. at 281-908-4529 .



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