School Safety ?

School Safety ?

Yesterday was the anniversary of the tragic Columbine school shootings. The senseless violence that occurred 12 years ago on a school campus begs the question - Are the schools our children attend safe and secure? What changes have been made and implemented since the day two students gunned down their classmates and themselves.

On Tuesday, a shocking story from right here in Houston, a six year old boy carried a .380 caliber pistol to school in his pocket.
The gun fell during lunch discharging one bullet and injuring the boy who brought the gun and two others. Police are investigating how and why the young boy had access to the gun. The school is going to need to investigate how to keep guns OFF the students and the campus.

In another disturbing news story, a girl was stabbed with a knife while in class in school by a classmate.

The Leon Law Firm is available for a free consultation if you have questions or concerns regarding the safety of your children while at school.

We support safety changes and hope for a safe place for your children to learn.

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